Gold N Bright – Kush Cookies Cartridge [Indica] (500mg)


Lola Lola™ Signature Series cartridges deliver high potency cannabis oils extracted from California’s favorite strains. Our pure extraction technique retains the plant’s original terpenes and cannabinoids to preserve the synergy created by their interaction. There are absolutely no artificial flavors or residual solvents in our Gold N Bright™ oil, and you can see the difference in the golden color and lucent clarity. At five times the potency of most flower, our Signature Series line is plant magic at its finest.

LEMON OG (I) $30.00
TANGIE (S) $30.00
JACK HERER (S) $30.00
SOUR DIESEL (S) $30.00
GORILLA GLUE #4 (H) $30.00
OG KUSH (I) $30.00


Concentrates are oils and waxes extracted from the Cannabis plant.  Cannabis oil is often sold in pre-filled cartridges to be screwed onto a push button battery and vaporized. Medicinal benefits are greater using a vaporizer over smoking a joint, because vaping warms the flower just enough to activate and release the medicine (cannabinoids) into a vapor without combustion.  Also concentrates tend to have a higher THC/CBD and terpene content than flower. The scent is milder without the smoke resulting from burning plant matter. Concentrates are also infused into butters and oils to make edible and topical products.