Emerald Family Farms consists of a broad range of master growers, breeders, healers and farmers from The Emerald Triangle. EFF requires that all of their partners uphold high standards in all that they do. Each farm in the collective is small batch and private reserve because they strive for quality above all else. Each farm is required to be water independent, follow organic standards, use best management practices and must give back to the land and their community. Available in Fire OG, Blue Dream, Platinum GCS, each strain subject to availability from farms.

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Cannabis “flower” is cannabis that has been harvested and cured or dried to be consumed as medicine.  The flower is grinded and rolled into a “joint” or vaporized in a portable or table top vaporizer. THC is the most popular and active cannabinoid found in cannabis. Its non-psychoactive sister CBD growing in popularity provides a sense of ease and pain relief without the high

Sativa dominant strains of THC has healing properties while Indica dominant strains delivering a head or body high. CBD promotes a sense of mental and physical ease without the high.