It's About You

Our primary focus is to cater to the wellness of women and seniors with a conscious decision to provide pure, high-grade medicinal cannabis in a multitude of upgraded by-products. We are passionate about delivering products that enhance the lifestyle, mind, body and soul of elderly clients and women from every walk of life.

Based in Oakland, California, our leadership is experienced in sustainable growth, cannabis cultivation, and delivering high-quality products in a discrete and professional manner. We believe that you should not have to leave your comfort zone to experience our level of service, so we deliver to your home, office or where ever you are within 2 hours or less.

The Way’s founders work closely with manufacturers, growers and bakers to bring the best and most innovative products to you. While shopping at The Way, we truly want the experience to be easy, consistent, enjoyable and private.

Consideration and convenience is our driving force. This is why we are a one-stop-stop, providing targeted solutions for a range of accessible, recreational and medicinal safety products and wellness essentials. We are devoted to our client’s needs, and respect the business and communication that is cultivated.

The Way aims to provide sufficient information to best help you choose products specific to your needs and elevated lifestyle. If needed, we are available during normal business hours to consult about individual issues and targeted products.

Our service is convenient, safe, and tailored for you. Elevate with The Way…